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Aurora Bauzà & Pere Jou are composers, creators, and performers at the forefront of the performing arts. Their primary research revolves around the human voice and its intricate connections with the body, movement, space, stage, and light. Their compositions go beyond traditional artistic genre boundaries, treating music as a multidimensional entity with physical, scenic, visual, dramaturgical, expressive, and poetic qualities.

Bauzà and Jou have presented various scenic pieces in recent years. These explore the human voice and the complexity of identity from diverse perspectives, formats, and scenic devices, all unified by their commitment to creating dramaturgical narratives through the human voice. Their unique artistic approach involves a physical and movement practice that dissects the resonating movement of sound (singing) from the visual movement, creating a distinctive interplay. Choreography, viewed through an acoustic lens, seamlessly merges with musical composition, forming the essence and dramaturgical structure of their interdisciplinary work.

Born in Mallorca and Barcelona, respectively, Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou bring an obsessive curiosity to understand the contemporary human through the mechanisms of meaning creation, particularly those involved in constructing individual and collective identities. Their works, such as "I Am (T)here," or “A BEGINNING_expanded versión” have been featured at prestigious events like the Grec Festival of Barcelona, showcasing their commitment to exploring the boundaries between sound, bodies, and movement, and inviting audiences to question the limits of perception and identity. Recently, his piece “A BEGINNING #16161D” has been selected for the Twenty24 AEROWAVES Edition.



2021. Premi de les Arts Valencianes: BEST MUSICAL COMPOSITION “La mort i la doncella”

2020. Premi de la Crítica: BEST MUSICAL COMPOSITION “Aquella nit”

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