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AQUÍ I NO ALLÀ (HERE, NOT THERE in english) is a scenic proposal that reflects on the mechanisms of constructing collective identity through a creation process specifically focused on voice and body with local participants. The proposal is created and developed through several working sessions with the group, during which the vocal and movement materials proposed by the participants themselves are combined with our scenic research on voice, body, and stage.

AQUÍ I NO ALLÀ is the scenic mechanism that allows us to share some perspectives and poetic images related to concepts such as identity, vulnerability, or empowerment, opening a dialogue and collective reflection with performers and spectators about the multiple cultural, historical, and social influences that converge within each individual and each collective.


Creation and direction: Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou

Performers (at the premiere and in the photographs): Soledad Cabañes, Amàlia Bisbal, María Luisa Martín, Isabel Ventura Mañas, Enriqueta Queralt, and Ángeles Egido

Lighting design: Conchita Pons

Musical composition: Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou

Photographs: Nora Baylach

Duration: 20 minutes

In collaboration and with the support of Festival Grec 2021, Festival Boombeta, Graner Barcelona

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