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A BEGINNING is a journey from darkness to light. It’s a piece for 5 dancers/singers equipped with portable lights who we hear breathing, walking and talking. They explore the relationship between movement, voice and light. Where choreography meets musical composition, this piece dissociates the body that sings from the body that moves. They develop a physical and movement practice that allows them to embody two movements in a single body; the movement that sounds (singing) and the movement that is seen. A beginning #16161D constructs a theatrical narrative about the eternal dialectic between the individual and the collective, in order to imagine new ways of relating. 

Creation and direction: Aurora Bauzà & Pere Jou

Performance: Elena Tarrats, Maider Lasa, Isaac Baró, Diana Pop, Pere Jou

Music and sound: Aurora Bauzà

Choreography: Pere Jou

Light design: Jou Serra

Costume: Mariona Signes

Dramaturgical and choreographic collaboration: Alessandro Sciarroni

Movement assistance: Claudia SolWat

Technical and lightning assistance: Marieta Rojo

Production and support: Ariadna Miquel

Acknowledgments: Cube peak, Africa Sabé and Iguzzini


Co-produced by L'Auditori and Centre Coregraphique National d'Orleans (France)

With the support of Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, Graner Fàbrica de Creació Nau Estruch, Hèmisphère Son, Castell de Montjuïc, and CC Barceloneta.



#16161D or eigengrau,

is the color we see in conditions of absolute darkness. This color, which is not black but a dark gray, is a kind of optical illusion generated by our retina that, on the other hand, in conditions of light, is capable of perceiving pure black in completely black objects.

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